Will Virgin River end after season 5?

We’re getting another 12-hour fix of Netflix’s lovely (if a little complicated) world of countryside California with Virgin River.

Despite the group’s willingness to tackle difficult and sometimes heartbreaking subjects, the wholesome community values it continues to preach is like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Who wouldn’t be smitten by Doc and Hope’s love? 

It’s hard not to root for Jack and Mel, right? 

Isn’t it great to have a friend like Preacher who is always there when you need him?

As we look forward to Virgin River season 5, we can’t help but feel that a certain sense of finality is building after the events of Virgin River season four – so are the characters preparing to say goodbye?

Virgin River and other Netflix shows

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While it is still a question that will Virgin River end after season 5? There has not been any confirmation either way on this one. 

In Netflix’s underdog era, Virgin River has rarely been treated to the pomp and circumstance of Stranger Things, but it has maintained its devout and loyal audience that only grows by the season.

According to FlixPatrol, it has spent more than 78 days in the overall top 10 in the UK, US, and the Netherlands.

Will Virgin River end after season 5?

Virgin River had bucked the trend by starting production on season five in late July, days before season four premiered.

Netflix executives seem unsure what will happen beyond season five, despite a double-season renewal confirming the show’s future months ago.

Its soap-like drama allows it to spin a narrative that could last for years if it wants to, unlike those aforementioned canceled shows. Virgin River is based on a lengthy series of novels by Robyn Carr.

The ensemble series can flit between stories amid the neighborhood, unlike Ozark, where the Byrdes can only tolerate gangsters for so long before their past catches up to them.

It comes down to Mel and Jack’s love story. However, that makes it seem like they’re wrapping up.

Will Virgin River end after season 5
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Subplots of Virgin River

As they work their way through the complex subplots related to the current fentanyl crisis and Preacher’s potential new deadly secret after hitting Vince, they need to find a way to deal with both. Nonetheless, he is unlikely to fail in his mission to save Paige, even if it means putting his life at risk.

As Hope continues to heal, Doc is trying to deal with Denny, secretly preparing for a deadly diagnosis, by ensuring he has his affairs in order.

The show seems to sail off into the sunset…

Will Virgin River end after season 5
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Our hearts are full of love for this gang, but we can’t help but feel like the show is winding down and sailing off into the distance.

Even if we are unclear about will Virgin River end after season 5, we’re content with the fact that a series can end on a high with a happy ending. What do you think?

Answer us in the comment section.

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