Under The Banner Of Heaven: Where Is Dianna Lafferty Now?

If you are a fan of Under the Banner of Heaven, one question will surely bother you – Where is Dianna Lafferty now? So, here is all we know.

In the show Under The Banner Of Heaven, Dianna Lafferty is one of the important characters of the series. 

Since the series is based on the real events of the murder of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her daughter in the 1980s, viewers of the show are naturally curious about Dianna’s whereabouts now. In this article, we will talk about where Dianna Lafferty is today.

Who Is Dianna Lafferty and How Is She Related To The Plot Of Under The Banner Of Heaven? 

Where Is Dianna Lafferty Now
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Under The Banner Of Heaven is a series adaptation of the book written by Jon Krakauer of the same name about the gruesome killings of a woman named Brenda Wright Lafferty and her infant daughter, which shocked the quiet town of Mormon back in the 1980s. 

Created by Dustin Lance Black, who was brought up in the Mormon Church, this series follows Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield) as he investigates the case of the Lafferty family. 

Dianna Lafferty was the wife of Ron Lafferty, the brother of Dan Lafferty. It is said that the Lafferty brothers were members of a prominent Christian Church called “Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints”. 

According to the show, Ron first met Dianna in Florida during his two-year-long mission for the LDS church. Dianna, at that time, was a nursing student, and they got married shortly after his mission ended. After their marriage, Ron and Dianna moved to Utah and then had six children together.

The writer of the Book, Jon Krakauer, spoke with a close friend of Dianna Lafferty named Penelope Weiss about Dianna’s relationship with Ron. According to Penelope, the couple was “so happy for sixteen and a half years” but things took a turn when they began to struggle financially.”

Shortly after their marriage, Ron and Dianna were having financial issues, and they were failing to repay their loans. Their financial issues were so serious that at one point, Ron and Dianna almost lost their house. 

At this difficult time, Ron asked for help from his brother Dan Lafferty. However, Dan Lafferty was known to be a Mormon fundamentalist. 

According to Weiss, “Dan convinced Ron that God didn’t want us to have material things, that it was good to lose everything, and even started to persuade him of the benefits of practicing polygamy.”

Before Dan’s indoctrination, it was said that Ron treated Dianna “like a queen” and was a respectful person. 

Where Is Dianna Lafferty Now
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But after his connection with his brother’s fundamentalist beliefs, Ron became gradually abusive toward Dianna. He started treating Dianna as his slave rather than his wife and Dianna had to go through severe domestic abuse following this incident.

During this time, Dianna turned to Ron’s brother’s wife Brenda for help. Brenda told Dianna that she needed to divorce Ron and even though Dianna thought it to be impossible at first, she realized for the sake of her and her kids’ well-being, she had to do this. 

So in the fall of 1983, Dianna divorced Ron and moved back to Florida with her kids around the time of  Thanksgiving of 1983.

After that, Dianna and Ron did not see each other. However, Dianna did testify to a Utah County Prosecutor for Ron’s trial following Brenda’s murder. 

But where is Dianna Lafferty now? Here is your answer. 

Where Is Dianna Lafferty Now?

Where Is Dianna Lafferty Now
Credit – thecinemaholic.com

If you are wondering where is Dianna Lafferty now, here is all we know.

Although there is no official news about Dianna’s current whereabouts, the last update following the trial suggests that Dianna is still living in Florida with her kids after her divorce from Brenda. 

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