When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Start In 2022?

When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Start In 2022

It has been a while since there has been no news about the popular Paramount+ show Yellowstone. However in the recent months, Paramount entertainment has given the fans of the series a lot of exciting news that talk about Yellowstone’s future and the continuation of the series.

In February 2022 of this year, Paramount network had officially announced the return of Yellowstone with a fifth season, and also mentioned that the fifth season of the series is going to be mega-sized and also will be available this year!

Are you also a fan of the show and are wondering about when does season 5 of Yellowstone start on 2022? Then keep reading this article and find out everything we have gathered about the show!

 Season 5 Of Yellowstone 

So, when does season 5 of Yellowstone start in 2022? On 18th of May this year, Paramount Network officially announced that the fifth season of the series Yellowstone will debut on Sunday, November 13 2022, right after the premiere of the series Tulsa King. 

When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Start In 2022
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Directed by Taylor Sheridan and starring Kevin Costner as the lead role of the show as John Dutton, the show has had four seasons which have all been released on the Paramount Network. Actor and Producer Kevin Costner when asked about the season 5 of Yellowstone had said that he is very happy with the scripts for Yellowstone Season 5. “I feel like we’re going in the right direction,” said Kevin about the script of Yellowstone Season 5.

Kevin Costner also made a public post on Instagram this year right after the official announcement by the Paramount Network about the release of Yellowstone Season 5 with the caption, “I hope y’all are ready for another wild ride.”

What To Expect From Yellowstone Season 5

According to the Wall Street Journal, the upcoming series sequel of the popular show will have ten episodes along with an addition of four episodes- totaling in fourteen episodes which make the series a mega-sized bundle which will be split up into two seven-episode parts. 

When Does Season 5 Of Yellowstone Start In 2022
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Kelly Reilly, who stars in the show as Beth Dutton in Yellowstone, when asked about when does season 5 of Yellowstone start and what can we expect from the new season, gave the fans some exciting sneak peeks of the show. When she was asked whether John Dutton will gain the Montana Governorship or not, she said, “I will say as the kingdom gets bigger, it becomes more difficult to manage.

” Reilly also said that even though the prominent enemies of season 4 are not to be worried about in season 5, the Duttons are not totally danger-free – “They’re coming. They’re infringing. It’s like what is really happening in Montana. It is being bought up by billionaires,” said the actress about the show’s future. 

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So when does Season 5 of Yellowstone start in 2022? We hope that this article has managed to answer your queries about the future of Yellowstone Season 5. It seems that we are in for a thrilling adventure with the Duttons yet again with new challenges to face. How excited are you for the show’s release? Let us know about your thoughts and speculations for Yellowstone Season 5 in the comments down below!


  • Will Yellowstone Season 5 be the last for the series?

As confirmed by the producers and directors of the show, Yellowstone Season 5 is not the last season for the series.

  • How many episodes will Yellowstone Season 5 have?

Yellowstone Season 5 will have a total of 14 episodes.

  • Where can I watch season 5 of Yellowstone?

With a Paramount+ subscription you can watch season 5 of Yellowstone.

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