What Happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs?

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This time we are here to share the sad news that Daniel has lost his life in Episode 7 of Reservation Dogs Season 1!!!!! 

But how did it happen???? What happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs?

There comes a scene now from the premier of Season 2 of Reservations Dogs where we find Willie Jack informing Daniel how her best friend met his end and how the life is shaping up of their friendship group and the community at broad, post the latest happenings.

What Happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs?

What Happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs
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Daniel Died by Suicide. 

In Episode 7 of Season 1, Daniel met his tragic end. 

Daniel and Elora were elated with their immediately planned adventure in Season 1, Episode 7, and were cherishing the excellent music surrounded by a magical atmosphere. It was such a moment that awed every fan when Elora convinced Daniel to Dance.!!! 

Amid this feeling, can the fans imagine what happened to Daniel of Reservation Dogs??!!!

Daniel and Elora were having the time of their life!! Our fans were so much stringed to this emotion that we could never imagine what was coming up next!!! The episode was not easy for the fans to take!! While returning from the Bar, Elora and Daniel committed to each other that they shall go to California. They had their plans. Elora and Daniel had taken away that moment for themselves. Daniel starts walking, and Elora asks him to text her if anything comes up in his mind. That night the fans had the slightest hint of what the following day would hold for them!!!

The Next Should have Never Come

The next day Elora finds Daniel’s dead body in a building next to the hideout, revealing that Daniel committed suicide by hanging himself!!

The Trauma after What Happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs

We know that the creators of Reservation Dogs are bold enough to handle any situation. But this one was way too much for the viewers. The death of Daniel, the founder member of the group Reservation Dogs, has broken the gang into pieces. 

But What happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs?

What Happened to Daniel Reservation Dogs

Though not indicated, hints of his miserable family life were one of the reasons. He never liked going back home as his parents did not get along well. Thus he always preferred to team up with his pals and have their company as much as he could. But not every time that was possible. The last time, Elora tries to be with Daniel as much as she can, but she too has to get back home, so she leaves, leaving Daniel more lonely. He walks back but never reaches home. He goes to Leon, but he cannot sense that Daniel needs assistance, thus asking him to go back home. But Daniel prefers to go to their hideout place and commits suicide!!

Wrapping Up

That’s how the life of Daniel ends in the show. Fans are broken with this… That has been heartbreaking for all of us!! We are still grieving what happened to Daniel of Reservation Dogs!!!

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