The Beauty Queen Amber Heard Is Going Bankrupt!! She Files For Bankruptcy!! 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were once considered the power couple of the Hollywood industry. They both started seeing each other back in 2011, and in February 2015, they tied the knot. However, the couple’s relationship didn’t last long, and in 2016, Amber filed a divorce case against her and even described Johnny Depp as a “Wife Beater.”

Later in 2019, Depp sued Amber for a 50 million lawsuit for defaming him. Depp also stated that Amber Heard is not a domestic abuse victim; instead, she is a predator trying to attack him. Many thoughts were exchanged on the internet regarding the Johnny and Amber story. Let’s find out what will happen ahead.

The loss of Amber Heard against her battle with the Johnny Depp

Later in the trial, a recording of Amber was found where she mentioned that she is the one who has been assaulting Johnny and not the other way around. Also, in the recording, Amber said that she was the one that hit Johnny. 

As a result, she lost her case against Johnny Depp. Later the court made a statement that Amber Heard had to pay a sum of 10 million dollars to Johnny Depp for the damages. Johnny Depp also has to pay 2 million dollars as compensation. The crowd was delighted after discovering their beloved “Jack Sparrow” got justice.

Amber Heard

Response of Amber Heard team on the verdict

As soon as the verdict was declared, the legal team of the Aquaman Actress explained to the judge that the woman did not have such an amount of money and would be unable to pay off the debt. Since then, only Amber Heard has been trying to find ways to avoid the hefty payment. Later, it came to light that the actress had also filed an appeal to lower the fine. 

Amber Heard
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Amber Heard and the news of her bankruptcy:

Recently, a few days back, on 21st July, the legal team of Amber Heard filed a case for her bankruptcy. It means that the actress is officially broken and has no money to pay debts. Her team also explained that she had lost all her resources to earn money and would see a nullity under the judge’s judgment. In the response, Johnny’s team replied that the verdict had already spoken for itself.

However, suppose Ms. Heard is determined to file any other litigation. In that case, Mr. Depp will file a contemporary appeal to ensure that the court of appeals will see all the records and matter of legal issues. 

This news was given by the resource having close relations with Mr. Depp to CNN. The crowd is all over the gossip of the couple and has been passing various types of comments on social media.

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