Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers: Eleven’s Story Gets A Major Twist!!

After a long three years of waiting, Stranger Things Season 4 has finally been released. So, Halfmindpost is here with some crazy Stranger Things Season 4 spoilers. 

Eleven and her gang are back again to save the world from Vecna in Stranger Things Season 4. 

The Volume 1 of Stranger Things Season 4 was released on 27th of May, 2022. Here in this article, we will discuss some Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers. 

The first sneak peek of the new season of Stranger Things, which was revealed in August of last year teased the new scenes from the new season, including the indication that in the new season, we will see Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) with bangs. 

The teaser also indicated that after the events of Starcourt in the last episodes of Stranger Things Season 3, Eleven and her gang are facing some even more tender situations. 

Creators has also confirmed that season 4 will not be the last season for the Stranger Things franchise. 

Although it hasn’t been officially announced about the production of Season 5 of Stranger Things, the producer of the show , Ross Duffer said “Season four won’t be the end. 

We know what the end is, and we know when it is. [The pandemic] has given us time to look ahead, figure out what is best for the show. 

Starting to fill that out gave us a better idea of how long we need to tell that story” in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter in August 2021. 

So, if you are excited about the new season, here are some Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers that will double your excitement. 

Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers That Will Blow Your Mind!! 

Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers
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Stranger Things Season 4 will take place in California

After Eleven’s battle with Mind Flayer in Season 3, Stranger Things Season 4 will take place eight months later after the incident and we will see Eleven, Joyce and her family in California where Eleven goes by the name Jane Hopper.

We will see Eleven living a life outside of her duty of saving the world with her superpowers and living as a normal teenage high school student.

Jim Hopper is alive!

As we last saw in Stranger Things Season 3, Jim Hopper was kidnapped by a group of Russians following the events of Starcourt. 

As the last episodes of Stranger Things Season 3 left us questioning about the whereabouts of Hopper , in season four episode one , Joyce receives a package with a doll inside which she discovers to be a package sent by Jim from the prison of Kamchatka. 

While it is definitely true that Hopper’s escape from the prison of Kamchatka is no way near easy, it brings us a sense of relief to know that Jim Hopper is still alive. 

Eleven Will Regain Her Powers!…But Momentarily

Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers

The ending of Stranger Things Season 3 hinted that after her ferocious battle with The Mind Flayer and the Demogorgon, Eleven may have lost her powers momentarily. 

As the Season 4 takes place in California where Eleven resides with Joyce, we come to understand that Eleven has lost her powers. However, thanks to Dr Brenner’s “Nina Project”, we finally get to see Eleven use her powers for the first time in episode 5.

However, she only regains them for a while, as Dr Brenner tells her that it will not be so easy to regain complete control of her powers. We are hoping for Eleven to get back her powers in the Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4.

A Psychiatric Hospital Will Feature This Season

Some of the scenes of Stranger Things Season 4 will be seen in a sketchy psychiatric hospital. Jamie Campbell Bower, playing as Peter Ballard in the show will be seen as a caring orderly working in the hospital, while Robert Englund will be seen playing a deeply disturbed patient of the psychiatry, who has been there due to a sickly murder he had committed in the 1950s. 

We will get to know a lot about Eleven’s backstory

Stranger Things Season 4 Spoilers
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The next Stranger Things season 4 spoilers link to the Nina Project. As per the “Nina Project”, Eleven will be forced to revisit her memories in Dr Brenner’s facility in order to regain her powers. As that continues to take place, we will get to see a lot about Eleven’s traumatic childhood. We will get to know about her relationship with One and how she defeated One and sent him into Upside Down. 

Wrapping Words 

A lot is in store for the fans of the Stranger Things franchise in Stranger Things Season 4.  

Viewers who have already watched the show has said this season has been better than Season 2 and 3 and they are waiting for more secrets to be revealed in the Volume 2 of Stranger Things Season 4.

Volume 2 is knocking, so make sure to stay tuned for more exciting Stranger Things Season 4 spoilers and leaks… 

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