Shocking Update On Power Spinoff!! Series Got Canceled? 

Hey fans, let’s have on the table today discussions about the famous Power Series and Power Spinoff!!

The order of Power series streaming on Starz

Readers, to catch up with a new Power spinoff in London, we strongly recommend you watch this intriguing series that goes as Power, followed by the first seasons of Ghost and Raising Kanan. After that, I watched Ghost Season 2 and Force Season 1. 

The Latest Power Spinoff

The latest season of Power spinoff streaming on Starz is Power Book IV: Force.

Power Spinoff
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More About the Power Universe

How many different Power series are there?

Coming from the creative minds of Courtney A. Kemp and the executive producer Curtis Jackson has four Power spinoffs. Sharing with you guys a significant update on Power Book II: Ghost, Power Book III: Raising Kanan, Power Book IV: Force, and Power Book V: Influence.

Is Power worth watching?

This is one natural look you feel while watching the Power spinoff series. The story lineup is very appealing to the viewers. The star cast of the show is exceptionally talented, especially Omari Hardwick. He is a spectacular actor, and we expect the creators to choose him for the coming Power spinoff series. 

How popular is the Power Spinoff series?

There has been an immense increase in the number of viewers with every new season of the Power spinoff series. Approximately 9.3 million viewers have been listed as an audience for every episode of the last season within seven days of airing on various platforms. The numbers are almost double than the first season.

Power Spinoff

Power Series

After six successful seasons of Power, the franchise came up with three Power Spinoff series, but the fourth one – Influence, has been pulled back. The heads have informed Starz is not moving ahead with Influence.

Power Spinoff – Influence is no more on cards

Yeah, that’s true, fans!! An interview with Variety revealed that the next Power spinoff scheduled to star Larenz Tate and focused on his political life as a councilman in New York had been canceled as Starz is no longer moving ahead with that particular Power spinoff. 

Is The London-Based Power Spinoff Being Thought Of?

With already three superhit Power spinoffs coming from the Power Universe, the rumors are that there will be a London-based Power spinoff series sooner. We are highly anticipating such moves, but we still are to get any confirmations from the production house on it. Deadline reported that Starz does have a London-based Power series in the works, but Busby has neither accepted nor declined this news, which keeps our hopes alive. It is also seen that London has nowhere been mentioned in the original series or any of the Power spinoffs. This hints that the Ghost is still alive!!

Where can you watch the Power spinoff series?

Currently, the fans can watch Power on Starz and Hulu Plus as well. Also, it can be streamed through rental or purchase on iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu. 

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