Shocking Things We Bet You Don’t Know About Anne Heche Death

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It is devastating news to share with you all that the American Actress Anne Heche is no more with us!!

However, there are some shocking facts on Anne Heche death!! Here is all we know… 

Who was Anne Heche?

Anne Celeste Heche was born in Ohio, United States as an American actress. She gained fame after portraying the role of twins Vicky Hudson and Marley Love on the soap opera Another World. This won her a Daytime Emmy Award and the other two Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Anne Heche Death

Is Anne Heche Dead??

Anne Heche currently remains on a life support system and is under evaluation for organ donation as the car crash had led her into the condition of being brain dead. As per the current California law, a patient can be declared dead on losing all brain functions and by the accepted medical standards. Thus, the family is devastated by Anne Heche death and thus announced that the actress had been declared legally dead after a severe brain injury due to the fiery car crash last week. 

Reason for Anne Heche Death

The reason was a traffic collision. Can you believe it… our very own and fan-favorite actress and an Emmy Award winner died on August 5, 2022, due to a car crash. 

She succumbed to brain injury, many burns, and severe horrific injuries during a high-speed car crash that occurred as she was speeding her car and crashed into a home in the neighborhood of Mar Vista last Friday. 

Anne Heche Death

How old was Anne Heche?

Anne Heche was born on May 25, 1969, in Ohio, United States. She died at the age of 53 years (1969-2022)

Waiting for Organ Donation

Though Anne Heche death is confirmed, due to her brain-dead condition, her heart’s still beating, and she is still on life support so that the OneLegacy Foundation gets enough time to find recipients who can match for her organ donation. 

The Fiery High-Speed Accident

The incident that led to Anne Heche death:

It is said that since last Friday, when her car crashed into a house in Los Angeles and burst into flames, Anne Heche has not gained consciousness. One woman was present in the place, but she faced minor injuries. Anne Heche was in a coma for a week before she took over life support. 


The actress had had a lengthy career in film and television. According to Us, Anne Heche was quite known for her romantic relationship with Ellen Degeneres from 1997 to 2000, and their relationship was monumental for LGBTQ+ couples worldwide. Anne Heche has left behind her two sons Atlas Heche Tupper from James Tupper and Homer Laffoon from Coleman Laffoon.

The Family is devastated, and the representatives of Anne Heche have shared a thank you note for all the prayers and kind wishes received from the fans for the recovery of Anne Heche. They have also thanked the medical staff taking care of Anne Heche at the Grossman Burn Center at West Hills Hospital.

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