Top 5 Kate McKinnon Movies Which Are Worth Your Time

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Are you done with Instagram boring strolling? No more new Facebook updates? Ah, it looks like time to read our trending news. Chuck everything, because here we have something to keep you sorted this weekend. Some of the best Top 5 Kate McKinnon movies are worth your time! Ready?

BTW, who’s Kate McKinnon?

Kate McKinnon is an American actress, comedian, and writer. She’s especially known for her character work and fantastic celebrity impressions on the Saturday Night Live sketch comedy series. Did you know she was a cast member of this for freaking eleven seasons? Also, the formerly Big Gay Sketch Stories! She had made an impeccable career and had worked with some of the best stars! 

Kate McKinnon Movies
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Best Kate McKinnon Movies

Sisters, oh, this has to be

We know she has done incredible movies, but this one has to be on the top. It’s about how two sisters reunite and throw a farewell party at their family house before their parents sell it! Isn’t it so cool? Go ahead and watch it now! 

Rough Night 

It’s all about how an engaged politician reunites with her four college besties 

Office Christmas Party and then what happens when the stripper they hired dies off suddenly? How she stole all the 

attention was something outstanding!

Office Christmas Party, oh yes

How she plays the lead rowdy partier is something we can say is a must-watch. It’s one of the best of her party movies. Yes, please. Have you watched this movie? Did you like it?


How do they plan massive bank heists with their oh-so-amazing master heads? A must-watch. You can’t just miss this one. She shared the screen with one of the best cast. We loved this movie. Did you?


How Jack, the handsome struggling musician, meets with an accident during a blackout and then he wakes up, all he remembers was Beatles—Omg, imagine happening with us! And then he starts singing the same band songs—Amazing, huh! 

Kate McKinnon movies and Tv shows

She has done fantastic work. Bombshell, ghostbusters, the bubble, the spy who dumped me, and many more are some of her best movies. Saturday night live, the dropout, the Simpsons, the big gay sketch show, and many more are some of her Tv shows! Which show is your favorite, peeps? Also, do you think any of her movies are missing? 

Kate McKinnon Movies

Which of yours is a favorite among the top 5 Kate McKinnon movies?

How much we love her, right? Even you? She has done incredible movies and TV shows. Fans are crazy about her. Not her single update goes unread, that’s for sure! Don’t forget to comment below on what you think of her. Also, stay tuned because we’ll be back with significant updates soon. 

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