Jonathan Bailey Movies And TV Shows: Here Are Our Top Picks!! 

Are you a fan of Bridgerton star, Jonathan Bailey? If yes, here are the top Jonathan Bailey movies and tv shows you must watch now… 

Anthony Bridgerton, the charming and charismatic nobleman from the Netflix popular series Bridgerton, has been one of the most trending and loved among the Bridgerton fanbase. 

Actor Jonathan Bailey, who portrays this quintessential English character in the show has received a ton of love and fame for his charm and charisma in the series. 

However, Bridgerton isn’t the only series in which we have seen Jonathan’s acting excellence. Here are some other Jonathan Bailey TV shows and movies that you will surely enjoy. 

Jonathan Bailey Is A Big Star 

Jonathan Bailey movies and tv shows
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Jonathan Stuart Bailey is a 34-year-old English actor who is known mostly for his portrayal of  Anthony Bridgerton from the Netflix show Bridgerton.  

Jonathan began his career as an actor when he was only seven years old in the Royal Shakespeare Company Productions. 

When he was eight years old, Jonathan played the role of Gavroche in a West end production of the series Les Misérables. Since then, Jonathan has maintained a stable presence in the acting industry.

Jonathan Bailey Movies And TV shows

Jonathan Bailey has become one of our favourite actors of all time after his appearance in Bridgerton. Here are some Jonathan Bailey Movies And TV shows we recommend to his new fans.

Crashing (2017)

Jonathan Bailey movies and tv shows
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Crashing is a comedy Netflix series about six people in their twenties living together in a disused hospital as the guardians of the property. 

The six people take care and maintain the safety of the hospital in exchange for a cheaper rent to stay and they’re also supposed to abide by a set of very strict rules. 

Jonathan Bailey plays the role of Sam, a dirty-minded friend of Anthony (played by Damien Molony). 

Broadchurch (2017)

Broadchurch is a mystery crime drama broadcast on ITV which tells the story of the Broadchurch detectives, who are the head of an investigation of the gruesome and mysterious death of an 11-year-old boy whose corpse was found on an idyllic beach. 

Jonathan Bailey plays Olly Stevens, a journalist for the Broadchurch Echo. 

Hooten and the Lady (2016)

Hooten and the Lady is an action-adventure drama series that tells the story of Hooten and his partner Lady Alexandra who travel across the world and have all sorts of thrilling adventures together as they do so and discover hidden treasures. Jonathan plays the role of Edward in the show and has made his appearance in multiple episodes.

Leonardo (2011-2018)

Jonathan Bailey movies and tv shows
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Next in our list of Jonathan Bailey Movies and TV shows, we are talking about Leonardo. Leonardo is a series about the world-famous Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci’s childhood and youth stories. 

The series gives a detailed view of Leonardo’s artistic adventures and his relations with contemporary artists like Lorenzo de’ Medici. Jonathan Bailey starred in the show as young Leonardo da Vinci himself and his performance in the show still remains as one of his best performances. 

Me and Mrs. Jones (2012)

Jonathan Bailey movies and tv shows
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Me and Mrs Jones is a sitcom TV series about Gemma Jones, a divorced mother of three children. 

The series tells about Gemma’s struggle as a single mother and her dealings with her two admirers, Tom and Billy. Jonathan Bailey plays the role of Gemma’s oldest son Alfie in the show, who is friends with Billy, although being completely oblivious about Billy’s admiration towards his mom. 


This concludes our list of Jonathan Bailey Movies And TV shows. It is needless to say that Jonathan Bailey is one versatile and talented actor. 

Which among these Jonathan Bailey movies and shows are your favorites? Let us know in the comments. 

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