Isabel May Movies You Must Watch Now!! 

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Let us know about Isabel May and her known projects rating from best to worst!! If you are a true fan, here is the list of all Isabel May movies!! 

Who is Isabel May?

Known amongst fans as a popular actress and a famous model, Isabel May has gained immense popularity for her role as Katie Cooper in the Alexa & Katie series streaming on Netflix. She also played the role of Veronica Duncan on the CBS series Young Sheldon. She portrayed the role of Zoe Hull in the film Run Hide Fight and was the narrator and leading protagonist of the series 1883.

Isabel May Movies

When was Isabel May Born?

Isabel May, age 21, was born on November 21, 2000, in Santa Monica, California, United States. 

Net Worth of Isabel May

The actress has many hit projects in her name, and with the success of Isabel May movies, the net worth of this famous actress is $400 thousand.

Details About Isabel May Movies & Series

We hereby share our list with you. We tried to include the projects in which she played the lead character and those in which she played minor or side characters. The best Isabel May movies and shows ranked from best to worst according to their IMDb ratings are listed below.

Isabel May Movies
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With an IMDb score of 8.8, it is an incredible series that does not need any support from its original one. Even if Yellowstone did not exist, 1883 would have stood independently. This is one of the best shows of Isabel May to date. Isabel May is seen playing the role of Elsa Dutton, the main character who is the daughter of James and Margaret Dutton. The story plays around how the family migrated from Tennessee to Montana, hoping for a better future, and found a ranch in Montana. 

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I Want You Back

One of the best Isabel May movies is definitely – I Want You Back.

Here Isabel plays the role of a young girl named Leighton who meets Peter and Noah at the club. This romantic comedy is worth a watch with Charlie Day and Jenny Slate in the lead roles. The story revolves around how two strangers get together, intending to ruin the new budding relationships of their exes. With an IMDb rating of 6.6, this is one of the well-appreciated Isabel May movies. 

Young Sheldon

With an IMDb score of 7.5, this is one of the most popular shows. The story revolves around a genius child called Sheldon Cooper. Isabel had her roles in Seasons 3 and 4 only, with a recurring character known as Veronica Duncan. 

The Isabel May movies and series on our list that go to the worst round are Alexa & Katie with the IMDb rating of 7.4, Run Hide Fight with the IMDb rating of 6.3, and Let’s Scare Julie with the IMDb rating of 3.2. This one did not receive good critical reviews as well.

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Lastly, enjoy your weekend by watching some fantastic Isabel May movies as ranked by IMDb!!

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