Is Under The Banner Of Heaven Anti Mormon?

Is Under the Banner of Heaven anti mormon? This is one of the trending questions on social media today. So, Halfmindpost is here with the answer.

Written by Job Krakauer and created by scriptwriter Dustin Lance Black, Under The Banner Of Heaven is a show whose theme is heavily based upon Mormon fundamentalism.

The story follows the gruesome homicide case of Brenda Wright Lafferty by her religious fundamentalist brothers-in-law Dan Lafferty and Ron Lafferty, which puts the believers of Mormon fundamentalism in a sort of bad light, causing some Mormon believers to accuse Under The Banner Of Heaven to be anti Mormon. 

But is Under The Banner Of Heaven anti Mormon in reality? Here is what to know about the series. 

What Is Under The Banner Of Heaven about?

Is Under The Banner Of Heaven Anti Mormon

Under The Banner Of Heaven follows the story of Detective Jeb Pyre (played by Andrew Garfield), a Mormon detective, who is in charge of investigating the case of Brenda Wright Lafferty and her 15 months old daughter Erica, who got murdered by Ron and Dan Lafferty in the 1980s. 

As Jeb comes across the brutality done by Ron and Dan Lafferty in the name of Mormon fundamentalism, he finds himself struggling with his faith because of the horrific crime. 

Is Under The Banner Of Heaven Anti Mormon?

Is Under The Banner Of Heaven Anti Mormon
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In the series, we see Ron Lafferty and Dan Lafferty become increasingly obsessed with their fundamentalist Mormon beliefs. As the story portrays so much of the Mormon faith, the Mormon Church featured in the series aka The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints has publicly spoken about the portrayal of Mormon fundamentalism in the book Under The Banner Of Heaven written by Jon Krakauer back in 2003. 

The statements made by the officials of the church about the book were highly critical. One statement from the Church’s Director of Media at the time said that the book has done a “huge disservice” to the Mormons by relying on stereotypes.

In a statement, Otterson said that Jon’s portrayal of the Mormon Church is “utterly at odds” with what millions of people have known about the church, which is the decency and goodness of its people.

Otterson says that the book is just an attempt of Jon at telling the stories of polygamous groups of Utah who die their beliefs to the doctrines of the LDS Church, which resulted in a “full-frontal assault on the veracity of the modern Church.”

Dustin Lance Black, the Oscar-winning script-writer, was himself born and raised in a Mormon household. He even revealed that he was also a former member of the LDS Church. 

In an interview with Newsweek, Dustin says that he couldn’t possibly describe the whole story of the Lafferty brothers which went on from 1979 to 1984, and how they took 10 days to solve this brutal crime. According to Dustin, the Mormon history also helps to understand the stories of the movie. However, Dustin did not say anything about the beliefs of the characters in the movie, so his opinion about the question is Under The Banner Of Heaven Anti Mormon is still a little vague.

On social media, after the release of Under The Banner Of Heaven, a lot of the viewers of the show have praised the portrayal of the daily life of Mormons. The hashtag exmormon also began circulating on several social media platforms where ex-Mormon believers said that Dustin’s movie has perfectly portrayed how the world is viewed through the “Mormon eyes”. 

However many present Mormon believers have publicly criticised the show’s portrayal of mormons. C.D. Cunningham, managing editor of the Public Square Magazine, had said that saying the show Under The Banner Of Heaven represents the Latter Day Saints (aka the mormons) is similar to saying that the movie ’24’ represents the Islamic community. 


Is Under The Banner Of Heaven Anti Mormon – this question is still subject to a lot of controversies and coming to a clear conclusion about whether the portrayal of the Latter-Day Saints is ethical or not is unsure. 

However, it is definitely true that the religious beliefs of Ron and Dan Lafferty cannot totally be tied or severed in judging their outrageous actions. What do you think is Under the Banner of Heaven anti Mormon? Let us know in the comments below.

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