‘Virgin River’ Season 4: Here’s Everything We Know

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4 

Virgin River’s new season is almost here! Season of Virgin River Season 4 was released on Wednesday, July 20, and it looks to be quite an eventful season.

We had a lot to contemplate after watching Season 3, including the thorny issues of Mel’s baby’s paternity and whether she would accept Jack’s proposal. These and other questions have been on our minds for the past year, and now, in what should be another must-watch season, we’re about to get some answers.

The new season has a lot of ground to cover. Thankfully, the authors have even more time than usual to tackle the season’s most important plotlines! So, if you are planning to watch the new season, you must know – how many episodes in Virgin River Season 4 are there? So, here is all we know. 

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4 are there?

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River‘s seasons typically only include 10 episodes; however, Netflix has chosen to lengthen season 4 to be the show’s longest season yet. That’s true; season 4 will soon surpass all previous seasons of the show in length.

Virgin River’s fourth season will include 12 episodes overall rather than the usual ten that we’ve come to expect. That’s two more episodes than we typically receive in a season, and we can only speculate on how the authors will use those extra episodes to support the major storylines of this season. 

Even though there are two additional episodes in this season, we should point out that they all continue to run for about 45 minutes apiece, which has previously been a good length for the show.

There is a lot of Virgin River for viewers to explore since season 4 has a length of 506 minutes (eight hours and 26 minutes).

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4? Titles of episodes of Virgin River Season 4

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4
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The interesting titles are as under:

  • Episode 1 | Be My Baby
  • Episode 2 | Father Knows Best…?
  • Episode 3 | Grilled
  • Episode 4 | Serious As A…
  • Episode 5 | Mayday
  • Episode 6 | All’s Faire…
  • Episode 7 | Otherwise Engaged
  • Episode 8 | Talk to Me
  • Episode 9 | Bombshells
  • Episode 10 | Fire and Rain
  • Episode 11 | Once Again
  • Episode 12 | The Long Goodbye

Season 5 has already been confirmed

Yep, Netflix’s 5th season of Virgin River has already been renewed. 

In September 2021, after the third season left fans with several agonizing cliffhangers, the streaming service announced that the show would return for seasons 4 and 5.

What’s on Netflix reports that season 5 has just begun production in Vancouver and will have 12 episodes like the latest instalment.

The renewal shows Netflix’s confidence in the romance series, but it also means that Season 4 will conclude with a cliffhanger that will leave audiences anxious for season 5 to begin.

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4
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How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4 have you watched?

How many episodes in Virgin River Season 4 are you done with?

If none, then get going today! It is streaming on Netflix from Wednesday, July 20, 2022.

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