Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth: Which Actors Will Be Seen In The Latest Series? 

Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth 

The newest period drama following the younger days of Queen Elizabeth I and her journey of becoming the Queen of England just premiered yesterday June 12th, 2022. 

Created by Anya Reiss, the first episode of the show Becoming Elizabeth featured the national chaos that happened after the loss of King Henry VIII, where we got the first look of the cast of Becoming Elizabeth. 

So here in this article, we will talk about the cast of Becoming Elizabeth and learn a bit about the actors working in this show.

Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth 

Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth
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Becoming Elizabeth stars actress Alicia Von Rittberg as the titular role of Queen Elizabeth I. Aside from her, we saw Romola Garai as Queen Mary I, Jessica Raine as Catherine Parr, Tom Cullen as Thomas Seymour, Bella Ramsey as Lady Jane Grey, Jamie Parker as John Dudley, 1st Duke of Northumberland, Oliver Zetterström as King Edward VI, John Heffernan as Duke of Somerset. 

Apart from that we saw Jamie Blackly as Robert Dudley, Jacob Avery as Guildford Dudley, Alexandra Gilbreath as Kat Ashley, Leo Bill as Henry Grey, Ekow Quartey as Pedro, Alex Macqueen as Stephen Gardiner, Olivier Huband as Ambassador Guzman, Robert Whitelock as Robert Kett.

About The Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth

Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth
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In the show Becoming Elizabeth we will see Alicia Von Rittberg as the Queen herself. 

Alicia Von Rittberg is a German actress who we saw in her previous works such as Fury, Charité, Resistance, Genius, The Old Fox, and many other British and German shows. 

The 28-year-old actress has won multiple awards in her career, including Günter Rohrbach Film Award, Bambi Award, Seoul International Drama Award, and much more. 

In the show, Romola Garai plays the role of the first female monarch of England, Queen Mary I. 

Romola Garai is a 39-year-old British actress who has been seen in multiple shows like As You Like It, Glorious 39, The Other Man, The Crimson Petal, etc. Romola has been nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and a BAFTA award in her acting career.

Another of the Star cast of Becoming Elizabeth is Catherine Parr, played by Jessica Raine. 

Cast Of Becoming Elizabeth
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Jessica Raine is a 40-year-old English actress who is best known for her works in the titular roles of An Adventure in Space and Time, Call The Midwife, Informer, Doctor Who, Benjamin , Carmilla, etc. 

Among the star male cast, Thomas Seymour,  Brother of the late wife of King Henry VIII, Jane Seymour. Thomas Seymour was played by actor Tom Cullen.

Tom Cullen is a 36-year-old Welsh actor known for his works in the shows Souls Of Totality, Castle In The Ground, Gunpowder, etc. 


Becoming Elizabeth tells the untold story of the iconic monarch, Queen Elizabeth I, and the cast of Becoming Elizabeth is as fitting as it gets. 

It is incredibly interesting to know more about the British royal family and we’re eager to see what secrets unfold in the upcoming episodes of Becoming Elizabeth. 

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