Best Movies like John Wick You Must Watch Now!! 

Finished watching John Wick? Now you are craving to see more movies like John Wick? Here are some… 

The two most important things that gave me the entire life of John Wick were – his prized car and the puppy gifted by his late wife. It is about how a legendary assassin gives up his lifestyle and plans to settle after falling in love!

What makes John Wick a Novelty?

Movies like John Wick

The various combinations of figuring techniques, be it martial arts, gunplay or chasing cars, or detective play, have made the John Wick universe a novelty. Inspired by many cinematic versions, the scenes created were wholly unique. The John Wick Universe is so exciting that many directors and production houses, and creative heads aspire to make movies like John Wick that are inspired by this exciting universe of its own swag! 

What is so special about John Wick?

Movies like John Wick
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The John Wick movies provide the viewers a clear platform to follow. It will make you empathize With John Wick too..!! The motives behind his actions make sense and do not require elaborate explanations! It’s all pure revenge… simply taken!!  

Inspired by Wick Cinematic 

Movies like John Wick

Many films have been released, which can be quoted as Movies like John Wick, but that spark is found missing! 

It seems replicating the John Wick magic is not a cakewalk for sure. 

The John Wick Trio 

The trio who worked on the primary spot for the first John Wick film, writer Derek Kolstad and co-directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, have been working on Wickless movies recently!! Let us see Alok at some of the movies like John Wick and analyze whether an attempt to create a new John Wick terrain turns out to be successful. 

Movies Like John Wick 

Day Shift (2022)

Movies like John Wick

Coming from the Kitty of Chad Stahelski as a producer, this Netflix movie is far off from the wit and inventive style of John Wick. While director J.J. Perry, who has delivered stunt work for the first two Wick pictures, has done a fair amount of work here. 

Bullet Train (2022)

Movies like John Wick

Director David Leitch tried to find a way out of the Wick cubby, and it seemed he was successful too, but just to land on another cubby! Bullet Train attempted to be a movie like John Wick but missed the soul and substance! 


Many such movies like John Wick are in production and are going to be in production in the future as well. But we strongly believe that the charismatic feel we get in the John Wick Universe cannot be recreated that easily. Also, Kate (2021), Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019), Deadpool 2 (2018), Nobody (2021), and Atomic Blonde (2017) are the movies made by one of the trio members primarily involved with the Wick Cinematic. Do watch them and let us know whether you can rate them parallel to movies like John Wick or not.

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