Best Euphoria Scenes 2022: Here Are Some Best Moments From The HBO Hit

Sam Levinson has weaved a masterpiece named Euphoria on HBO. Loaded with several iconic moments, the show is a hit. So, today, Halfmindpost is here to explore the best Euphoria scenes as per the fans.

Season 2 of the HBO series Euphoria was finally released this year on the 9th Of January after a three-year-long wait. This season, however, was very different in terms of the overall theme of Euphoria Season 1, and we still have a lot of questions about the storyline of Euphoria. 

From being iconic to visually pleasing to highly emotional scenes, here are some of the best Euphoria scenes that fans of the franchise enjoyed.

Best Euphoria Scenes That Made The Fans Whistle!! 

Fezco taking his sweet revenge on Nate

Best Euphoria Scenes
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The first episode of Euphoria Season 1 itself had in store the best and most satisfying part of the show for us that we were longing for so long. 

In the last episodes of Euphoria Season 1 we saw Rue telling Fezco about how Rue wanted Fezco to scare Nate so he would stay away from Jules. 

In Episode 1, we see the characters of Euphoria in a New Year’s Eve party, where Fezco and Nate both are present. Fezco goes up to Nate Jacobs while he’s having a drink, and has a seemingly harmless conversation with him.

However, in a split moment as Nate lets his guard down, Fezco suddenly attacks Nate with an empty glass bottle and beats the life out of Nate Jacobs. Being the villain he is, Nate Jacobs definitely deserved this.

Cassie’s extreme 4 AM beauty routine

Cassie was Maddy’s best friend and we loved to see the two best friends stand up for each other in season 1. We have seen several best Euphoria scenes, between the two. 

However, this friendship comes to a bitter end as Cassie begins to hook up with Maddy’s ex-boyfriend Nate Jacobs while it was obvious that Maddy was still in love with Nate. 

However, Nate knew that if Maddy came to know about this, he would be in big trouble, and he told Cassie that he cannot be with her and that she needs to leave him alone. 

But Cassie didn’t give up on pursuing Nate. Cassie woke up every morning at 4 AM and had an over-exaggerated morning routine in order to look as “perfect” as she thought would be enough to impress Nate. 

The montage of Cassie aggressively scrubbing her face and trying so hard to impress Nate had proved how hard she’s willing to stop which is perfectly portrayed in this scene. 

Rue exposing Cassie’s lie in front of everyone

Best Euphoria Scenes
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As Rue talked about how she can never be sober for a long time when Leslie came to the Howard house in search of her, in response to what Rue said. 

Cassie says that Rue doesn’t have to do that and she should take “one thing at a time”. 

At that time, to divert the attention from her, Rue exposed Cassie by asking how long she has been with Nate Jacobs in front of Maddy, Kat and Cassie’s whole family. 

The exposal of Cassie’s betrayal set off a huge fight and we got the iconic “Maddy vs Cassie ” fight where Maddy heavily reprimanded Cassie for betraying her.

Montage of Lexi and Fezco’s romantic moments

The newest romance in Euphoria Season 2 was between Lexi Howard and Fezco. Ever since Lexi and Fezco met each other on New Year’s Eve, we have seen a spark between them. We have witnessed a bunch of best Euphoria scenes between the two characters. 

As the show goes on we see the relationship between Fezco and Lexi grow more fonder as we get cute scenes as Fez and Lexi watching “Stand By Me” together and singing while in tears. 

This scene was really adorable because in the middle of all the chaos that was going on, their pure romantic interactions and Fezco supporting Lexi in her play melted the fan’s hearts.

Ethan’s performance in Lexi’s Play

Best Euphoria Scenes
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Episode 7 of Euphoria Season 2 was a blast, and Ethan stole the show with his iconic “Holding Out For A Hero” performance. This created one of the best Euphoria scenes. 

Ethan played the character of Jake who was inspired by Nate in Lexi’s Play, and he brilliantly portrayed how Nate was a closeted homosexual behind his overly masculine facade. 

The entire time Ethan was performing, the crowd of the play went wild in cheering for him, except for Nate and Cassie. Everyone knew about Nate’s true reality. 

It was incredibly satisfying to see Nate’s ego crumble down during the performance and his toxic masculinity to be broken into pieces. 

Rue and Lexi rebonding their friendship

Right after the screening of the play, we get to see Lexi at home dealing with the aftermath of her play. 

However, Rue calls Lexi and tells her how her play has touched her and for the first time she is seeing herself from someone else’s point of view and how much it means to her. 

Rue meets up with Lexi right after the call and we get a heartwarming moment of Rue and Lexi hugging as they become friends again with each other. 

This is one of the best Euphoria scenes, which was surely the best moment we have gotten in the last episode as Rue and Lexi were friends for a long time and Lexi has stayed with Rue through thick and thin.

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