Barry Season Finale Review: The HBO Series Finally Comes To Climax

The popular HBO series Barry has finally come to an end with a thrilling and nerve-wracking final episode. So, Halfmindpost is here with a detailed Barry Season Finale review. 

The whole season has been focused on the consequences of Barry’s actions in the past: like the ripple effect. However, the Emmy-winning series from HBO finally came to a conclusion in the season finale. 

Today in this article, we are going to talk about the Barry Season finale review

What happens in Barry?

Barry Season Finale Review
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Before we begin our Barry season finale review, let’s talk about what we got to see in season 3. 

Barry is an American black comedy-drama that follows the story of Barry Berkman (played by Bill Hader) who is a Hitman from Cleveland. 

The story follows him traveling to Los Angeles to kill someone, however in an unexpected turn of events he finds himself straying further from his true intention and finds himself joining an acting course of Gene Cousineau (played by Henry Winkler). 

Barry meets an aspiring actress named Sally Reed (played by Sarah Goldberg) and begins to question his career as a Hitman when he gets a taste of a normal life.

Barry Season Finale Review

Barry Season Finale Review
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Season 3 of the Bill Hader and Alec Beth’s dark comedy series Barry takes a pretty dark turn as we see Barry finally get arrested for his crimes after seemingly easily getting away with them in the previous seasons. 

In season 1, Barry had murdered detective Janice Moss (played by Paula Newsome) which had been hung over Barry ever since. 

Initially, we all were waiting for Barry to get arrested way sooner as Janice’s boyfriend Gene Cousineau (who is also Barry’s acting teacher)  finds out that his student Barry himself is responsible for her exit. 

For the first half of Barry Season 3, the character of Gene Cousineau and Barry were kept separate, however at the last part of the season, Barry and Gene remeet as well as Jim Moss (played by Robert Wisdom), a returned Navy officer who is also Janice’s father.

As Jim finds out that Barry is the truth responsible for his daughter’s loss rather than Fuches whom the police are suspecting, Jim, persuades Gene to come up with a plan to trap Barry and have him arrested. 

Barry Season Finale Review
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Having listened to Jim, Cousineau comes up with a plan to have Barry arrested. So one night, Barry gets a call from Jim following an incident with ex-naval Albert (played by James Hiroyuki Liao) where he almost got shot. Jim tells Barry that he wants to talk to him in person in his home and invites him over. After that, Barry calls Gene, who tells Barry that Jim wants to “take them down”, which causes Barry to panic. 

Arriving at Jim’s home, Barry finds Gene at a curb with a revolver. Barry takes the revolver and as soon as he points the gun at Jim, he faces the police SWAT team who tells him to drop the gun, and Barry gets arrested. 

Although we all saw this coming, somehow we still kinda hoped Barry would get away with this since we saw a hint of redemption in his character multiple times throughout the season.

However, it was morally correct of him to finally get caught for his actions. And not to mention, Barry still has a chance of redemption as Barry Season 4 has officially been confirmed by the producers of the show. 


It’s obvious that Barry Season 3 was a rollercoaster of a season for every viewer of the show. 

However, the unsettling ending is not at all the end for Barry Berkman, as we’re in store for season 4 of the series soon. This concludes our Barry Season Finale Review. Which part of the show seemed the best to you? Let us know in the comments.

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